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During the lifespan of any business there usually comes a time when outside capital sources are desired or needed; whether it be to support a business start-up, grow or expand the business, fund an acquisition, re-direct an aging business, replace existing debt or equity holders, shore up defenses for impending uncertainty, or most unfortunately, the need to deal with a business or financial crisis.

For whatever the reason or the need, obtaining capital funding is a complex and many times arduous task that benefits itself greatly from having a knowledgeable and experienced team assisting in the process. Having the right partner can reduce your cost, minimize the time and greatly increase the likelihood of fully satisfying the particular capital need. Transact Capital understands the marketplace and how to get you the best deal for your particular situation.

Our strong network of relationships with private investors, senior lenders, private equity firms and professional advisors provides us with a significant advantage for helping you complete the best transaction. With Transact Capital, you’ll find an experienced and motivated team dedicated to helping you identify a capital partner that fits your profile and shares your vision for the potential future of your company.