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Transact Capital provides experienced entrepreneurs of privately-held early stage and growth companies a more efficient process and platform to attract capital to their private placement offerings.

These private offerings are available to sophisticated accredited investors.  They represent early and growth stage investment opportunities with companies that have been screened and “curated” through a formal due diligence process.

Transact Capital cannot and does not judge the merits of any particular offering, its likelihood of success, nor the suitability for a specific investor.  We do consider the experience and back grounds of the founder/management team, quality of IP and require proper corporation formation, governance, and disclosures, for offerings we help market.

However, as with all early stage private companies, these offerings are risk oriented and prospective investors need to be aware of the unique risks of early stage private placement offerings in general.  Investors must review the Offering Memorandum and related offering documents in considering an investment in any of these opportunities.  Investors are encouraged to discuss with the principals of the issuer any questions they have on additional information they think appropriate, in conducting their own due diligence.

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Security transactions administered by WealthForge Securities, LLC. in association with Transact Capital Securities, LLC providing Selling Broker services.  Both are Members FINRA/SIPC.

 Private security transactions involve a high degree of risk and are not suitable for all investors.  They are illiquid, may have a long hold period, and may result in the loss of invested principal. As with any early stage venture, positive outcomes are not assured.