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With over 250 closed transactions, our experience crosses many industries and business sectors. Here is how we break down the top four:

Staffing and Business Services – Transact Capital has completed numerous transactions in the Business Services sector, and over the past several years has focused most heavily on the Staffing sector.  The sector is led by Patrick Morin, managing director and Jim Sowers, managing partner, supported by an associate and two analysts with detailed knowledge of this sector.

Other Business-to-Business service experience includes education, financial services, food & beverage, insurance, and professional services.

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Healthcare Services – Our experience in this sector is wide, including home healthcare, professional medical practice groups, concierge medicine, nutrition counseling, behavioral counseling, forensic lab testing, DNA and pathology laboratories, medical technology, medical billing and medical benefits.  The sector is led by Steve Zacharias, Managing Partner, and Linda Nash, an experienced entrepreneur and Advisory Board member.

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Manufacturing and Distribution – Experienced in managing companies and having represented numerous clients in this space, Transact is familiar with all varieties of manufacturing from large-scale manufacturing and technical products, to nuanced sectors such as filtration and specialized machine shops.  Distribution experience includes working with national and global distribution channels.  This team is led by Anthony Vincent, managing director, and George Sydnor, senior vice president.

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Technology & Media – This rapidly growing industry touches many of the other industries which Transact works with.  The firm has experience representing companies in all varieties of the tech sector, including high-end equipment for first responders, IT management companies, audio/visual companies, and more.  Media experience ranges from the acquisition of online businesses and websites to specialized media, marketing, and telecommunications companies.  The team is led by Steve Zacharias, managing partner, and Scott Frayser, a managing director.

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