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Clients often come to us when they are unsure of when they should hang up their hat or pass along the business to the next generation.  Just as important, they ask how they can increase and maximize the value of their business as they get ready to exit. The truth is, many business owners fail to plan ahead with an appropriate strategy and wait until it’s too late to successfully monetize all the intrinsic value and future potential of their company. There is no secret sauce recipe for this, but our decades of working both in and alongside businesses to accomplish these goals can add significant value and at the same time severely reduce the challenges and headaches of trying to go it alone.

Once we evaluate your business and personal goals, we’ll determine the best-fit path and timing to meet them, guide you through the process — all with the goal of maximizing your personal outcome and total cash return on an after-tax basis.


Business owners seek out a business valuation for many reasons, including a potential sale, partner buyout, re-financing, capital raise, IRS support, ESOP compliance, and many others. And businesses have several definitions of value depending on the purpose of the calculation. Understanding that need and determining an accurate and objective market value for your company is important under any circumstances.In order to meet your specific needs, we offer a number of valuation services including: fairness opinions, estate planning, divestiture planning, acquisition targeting, transaction feasibility analyses, and buy-sell agreements. Contact us now to discuss your situation at no initial cost.