Making a Taxable Acquisition of an S Corp

Posted on October 9, 2017 in Newsletter
Patrick Brown points out that many of us at Transact Capital have saved a deal from falling apart by using a special tax election which allows a buyer to purchase the stock of an S-Corp, and at the same time have it treated as an “asset purchase”. The article below summarizes the reason why this is beneficial and how to make the election.  If a C or S corporation is ...Read More

8 Ways Investment Bankers Add Value for Sellers

Posted on October 9, 2017 in Newsletter
Many business owners ponder selling their business without engaging an advisory firm or investment bank. Even when approached by a “friendly” suitor, going it alone can leave significant value on the table along with increasing the risk of successfully closing the deal. Steve Zacharias, managing partner of Transact Capital, identifies the key functions and benefits of using an investment bank or M&A Advisory firm for selling your business.   Many business ...Read More

Maximizing the Exit of Your Staffing Company

Posted on August 29, 2017 in Newsletter
Authored by Patrick Morin, Managing Director, Transact Capital The US has seen over 600 staffing company transactions in the last three years - an eye-popping number. M&A in the space continues unabated and owners are benefiting significantly  from exiting in such a frothy market.  Still, our experience with selling staffing companies has exposed some unique perspectives in how to get more value out of a sale. In this space, one ...Read More

Beware when Cash Basis Taxpayers Exit their Business

Posted on August 29, 2017 in Newsletter
Authored by Steve Zacharias, Managing Partner, Transact Capital Many small business owners file taxes on a cash basis even when they prepare accrual basis financials. Besides a vastly simplified tax return, the filer gets the benefit of deferring the payment of taxes on sales until the cash is ultimately collected. But beware: there can be a big unplanned tax bill when it comes time to sell. Cash basis tax filing ...Read More

The Boathouse Refinancing – A Case Study

Posted on July 19, 2017 in Newsletter
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 19, 2017 About The Boathouse Group                                          The Boathouse Group ( was founded by its current owner/operator Kevin Healy.  Over the past 25 years it has grown to six locations in the Greater Richmond area.  The Company’s two brands, The Boathouse and Casa Del Barco, have frequently received accolades of recognition at the local and national levels for their food, facilities, and quality of service. The Relationship ...Read More

Summer Heating Up for Transact Capital: 3 Deal Closings in June

Posted on July 14, 2017 in Newsletter
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 14, 2017 Richmond, VA – Transact Capital Partners finished a strong second quarter with robust deal activity in June.  “With eight closed transactions in the first half of 2017 along with the current level of deals in process, we fully expect 2017 to be another record-breaking year for Transact Capital,” commented Jim Sowers, Managing Partner of Transact. “The deal environment continues to be very strong in our ...Read More

Mid-Atlantic Door Distributor Acquired by ASSA ABLOY

Posted on June 30, 2017 in Recent News
Atlantic Door Control Web Tombstone
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 30, 2017 Richmond, VA – Transact Capital Partners is pleased to announce that a Maryland-based door distributor with a significant presence in Richmond, Atlantic Door Control, was acquired by ASSA ABLOY.  Transact Capital Partners served as the exclusive financial advisor to Atlantic Door Control. Atlantic Door Control installs and services automatic doors from two offices in Maryland and Virginia.  The merger combines the strengths of both companies and expands ASSA ABLOY’s presence ...Read More

The Boathouse Group Announces Refinancing

Posted on June 29, 2017 in Recent News
Boathouse CDB SPTC Park Sterling Financing - Web Tombstone
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 29, 2017 Richmond, VA – Transact Capital Partners is pleased to announce that The Boathouse Group, a Richmond, VA, restaurant group, has acquired new financing in the amount of $6,100,000 from Park Sterling Bank.  This amount will finance the construction of the new Casa Del Barco location at Short Pump Town Center, as well as a total refinancing of all prior outstanding debt.  Transact Capital Partners served as the exclusive financial ...Read More

Management Solutions Plus Has Been Acquired By Strategic Investor

Posted on June 27, 2017 in Recent News
Management Solutions Plus - Web Tombstone
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 27, 2017 Richmond, VA – Transact Capital Partners is pleased to announce that Management Solutions Plus, a Rockville, MD, association management company, has been acquired by Shawn McLaughlin.  Transact Capital Partners served as the exclusive financial advisor to Management Solutions Plus and Mr. McLaughlin.  Fred Doster advised MSP and George Sydnor advised Mr. McLaughlin. Management Solutions Plus was founded in 1993 by Beth Palys with a mission to ...Read More

When to Sell: Considerations for Elderly Business Owners

Posted on May 22, 2017 in Newsletter
By Anthony M. Vincent – Managing Director of Transact Capital Partners “Liquidity is defined as converting your business investment into cash.” Anytime an elder business owner has an opportunity to generate liquidity in their company, the opportunity should not be overlooked. Running any business has inherent risks, and just like investing in stocks, liquidity risk increases as  you get closer to your time horizon. There may always be value in ...Read More
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