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Transact Capital Advisory Board

Transact Capital Partners created its Advisory Board in January 2017 to broaden its reach into specialized industry sectors, including Healthcare Services, Technology and Business Services (staffing and other B2B services). In addition to the normal threats related to industry “disruptors” (e.g. Uber, Amazon, Apple), the firm believes that certain industries are evolving at such a high rate today that the role of specialists with very current expertise in a sector can be extremely valuable to Transact’s client team. Many times such AB member brings not only unique skillsets and expertise, but relationships to companies who can also be beneficial to Transact success in M&A.

Transact Advisory Board’s current members are shown below:


Linda Nash PhotoLinda Nash
Advisory Board
804-612-7116 | Linda@LindaNashVentures.com

35+ years as a serial entrepreneur and owner/operator of 3 companies. Founder/CEO of PartnerMD, a concierge medical practice sold to Markel Ventures. Founder/CEO of Compass Schools, a private preschool and kindergarten sold to Nobel. Masters in Education and Journalism from VCU. Masters in teaching and writing from UC Berkley.